ZulAssets™ empowers the asset management team of organizations that operate a large number of fixed and mobile assets over multiple locations and departments using convenient, powerful and easy-to-use mobile handheld devices regardless of the type of asset they are managing (i.e. IT, hardware equipment, medical supplies, furniture, vehicles etc.). The net result is enterprise asset tracking system stays current and up to date with a minimal investment in time and expense.

ZulAssets™ cuts the drudgery and cost of physical inventories, ensuring that all assets are adequately maintained, and maximizes asset’s valuation for depreciation deductions.

Using the latest state-of-the-art-barcode & RFID technology, you'll be enabled to take accurate physical inventories quickly, get increased control on your fixed asset placements and have access to reliable information for planning new fixed assets investments. Data is quickly and efficiently reconciled – giving you unprecedented control of your entire company's fixed assets.


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