Diebold Nixdorf Retail Management Suite

It’s never been more vital to make every consumer connection count. In our digital, hyper-connected world, cutting through the noise means cutting out the steps. With Vynamic, you have the power to connect the microcosm of a single consumer’s personal experience to the dynamic retail ecosystem. We’ll help you deliver seamless transactions and intuitive, personalized interactions. Transform your business for the future of connected commerce.

Why Zultec and Diebold Nixdorf

With the dramatic change in purchasing journey – from identifying a need to making a purchase – a need for a solution that connects not only the microcosm of all channels and touchpoints owned by the retail, but also the entire commerce and pay is increasing every day. Diebold Nixdorf addresses these challenges through Vynamic, a natively connected end-to-end software suite.

Zultec is the only regional partner of Diebold Nixdorf with over a thousand deployments on its credit. 30 years of retail experience has enabled us to understand every process of retail and the changing dynamics which calls for integrated services.

Vynamic Checkout – TP.net POS Application Software

Diebold Nixdorf’s Vynamic Checkout solutions help retailers deliver a high-quality, cross-channel retail experience and win the loyalty of a new generation of connected consumers. The POS sits at the heart of our Vynamic software suite, providing the comprehensive business logic of our checkout solutions to the hands of the employees and consumers at every touchpoint. Our POS solutions support retailers in their global expansion, and contain all local and fiscal adaptations and translations required to do legally compliant business around the globe.

  • Deliver a seamless, Omnichannel retail experience
  • Provides a clear, structured and intuitive user experience for all associates
  • Cuts the complexity and reduce the total cost of ownership for retail IT assets
  • Comprehensive data-exchange options
  • Support for cloud or on-premise configurations

Vynamic Engage – Loyalty with targeted campaigns

Vynamic Engage is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that revolutionizes how retailers drive consumer engagement. It generates and manages holistic consumer profiles by collecting, combining and analyzing all kinds of consumer and transactional data. This enables retailers to obtain a 360° view of consumer behavior and enhance their consumers’ shopping experiences at every touchpoint of the journey—using targeted promotions and real-time campaigns across all channels.

  • Comprehensive consumer profiling for personalized loyalty engagements
  • Native Azure cloud technology and micro-services-based architecture
  • Open APIs for flexible integration with existing IT assets and mobile consumer loyalty apps
  • Fully POS agnostic, leveraging your investments in any 3rd party POS system
  • Optimized UI/UX tailored for maximum staff efficiency on any HTML5 supporting device

Vynamic Mobile Shopper – Digital Retail

Through Vynamic Mobile Shopper, consumers receive real-time information about products, ingredients, shelf locations, prices, promotions and recommendations while shopping. This information is conveniently displayed on a dedicated handheld scanner or on the consumer’s smartphone (called “bring your own device” or BYOD). Consumers receive instant notifications about promotions for items they have just added to their basket, boosting additional sales. Moreover, they get personalized recommendations for additional purchases, for example, a sauce that goes well with the meat they just added to their basket

  • Increase consumer spending from uplift in basket size of approx 10%
  • Innovate and transform retail stores by enabling new “scan & go” consumer journeys
  • Easily integrated with your existing loyalty, e-commerce and POS systems
  • Runs on dedicated scanning devices from Zebra Technologies, DataLogic, as well as on Android and iOS smartphones
  • Supports full and partial re-scans on store-by-store basis

Vynamic Checkout – TPiSCAN for Self-Service Checkout

TPiSCAN is a market-, process- and platform-independent framework that enables POS applications to operate through a standard interface, with strict separation of POS business logic with flexible graphical user interface that provides optimum user guidance and supports multimedia elements, including pictures, sound files and animation. TPiSCAN is supported by a “one core software for all scenarios” philosophy and is easily customized through configuration, rather than programming. All functions of TPiSCAN can be developed and tested easily with no on-site hardware necessary

  • Allows for a wholly independent POS application
  • Easy flexible XML-based configuration of the GUI
  • TPiSCAN store & enterprise manager allows for centralized monitoring and control through browser-based application
  • Supports Java-based software, Windows, Linux, WEPOS & WNLPOS
  • Scalable integration framework that allows one piece of software for all current and future automated checkout solutions