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Self Adhesive Labels


Food labeling is the most diverse of all label end-uses, ranging from product tracking and marking sell-by dates to promotion. It’s imperative that labels in the food industry retain their adhesive properties when:

  • applied to cold and moist surfaces
  • subsequently placed in deep freeze storage
  • In contact with fat and oil.

Labels used in the food industry serve the need for an eye-catching effect at the point of sale. They also support branding. Other aspects of food labeling are covered in:

  • Price marking: Retail Information
  • Labeling for transportation: Logistics & Transport
  • Labeling on liquid dairy products & water & juice bottles: Beverage


The beverage industry is known for successful & carefully managed brands supported by eye-catching labels carrying leading designs. Zultec Group supplies a wide range of beverage labels that combine stunning looks with excellent printability, convertibility & durability.
Premium look

A trendy no-label look, eye-catching metallic sheen or elegant paper & foil combined with upmarket graphic design give a premium image & reinforce an impression of quality. Self-adhesive labels also enable a more flexible design & individual customization of labels.

Take a look at any retail cooler or beverage shelf; it’s a sea of bottles. Your beverage packaging is the first thing the consumer sees & your first opportunity to connect.

Add sparkle to your brand & make the connection with the consumer. Make your brand stand out with a simple change in label paper, switch to Zultec Group & get The Look That Sells.

Home care / Personal care

The personal care industry sets high technical & aesthetic requirements on labels that need to be:

  • conformable & squeezable
  • resistant to water, oils & chemicals
  • assistive in visual differentiation
  • supportive of a strong brand image
    Our range of PE & PP covers the majority of applications.
  • The ‘no-label’ look - Clear filmic PP labels on clear or opaque packaging create an excellent no-label look, meaning the label is seamlessly integrated to the package.
  • Squeezable packaging
  • Open-closure labeling
  • Open-closure (re-sealable) wet wipes labeling.

A4 & other cut-to size

Zultec Group supplies a complete range of A4 papers & films for monochrome & color printing. The main end-use areas in A4 and cut-size labeling are:

  • office labeling
  • small office & home information labeling (SOHO)
  • logistic & laboratory labeling
  • industrial labeling (outdoor and durable label applications)

Office information labeling covers address labels for direct mailing, franking labels, bar code labels, file labels, and colored labels for deliveries or signing.


There are two major end-use areas in retail information labeling:

Price Marking

  • Labels printed in one or two colors
  • Variable information printing (VIP) techniques
  • No need for high environmental resistance

Catch-weight labeling

Direct thermal printing on pre-printed labels:

  • In dry environments, e.g. for labeling fruits & vegetables,
  • ECO direct thermal face materials are used for short life catch-weigh labels.
  • For more demanding applications, e.g. for labeling meats & cheeses,
  • TOP direct thermal face materials are used.

Security & Brand Protection

Security labeling produces an efficient & versatile response to threats against brand image & revenue as well as consumer purchasing power & safety. Security labels address these threats with the following functionalities, which are often combined.


  • Product tampering
  • Counterfeiting
  • Diversion to grey market channels

Label functionality

  • Tamper evidence
  • Authentication
  • Track & trace

Tamper-evident label materials

Tamper-evident labels may be used as package seals, or to prevent the transfer of the label & the features or information it carries to another package.

  • VOID films, standard or customized, leave a text, pattern or logo on the labeled substrate when the label is partially or fully removed; they cannot be smoothed back down in a way that would avoid detection.
  • Destructible papers & films either break into pieces or split into layers when tampered with.


Durable labels serve a wide variety of applications requiring a hard-wearing, long-lasting solution:

  • when information has to be available for the lifetime of the product
  • for model identification & serial numbers
  • for warnings & safety instructions
  • for variable information printed by thermal transfer
  • when UL approval is required

PET (polyester) is widely used for durables labeling, PET White is suitable for use on computer hardware, domestic appliances & various electronics, while PET Silver may be used on automotive parts or power tools etc.


We are manufacturer & supplier of Pharmaceutical pre-printed & plain barcode Labels, We offer a variety of substrates to suit your specific application like, special papers, PVC, PET & PP labels. Labeling of a pharmaceutical product is very important as it gives information about the medicine, its ingredients and manufacturers. Our labels are extensively used in pharmaceutical industry; labels are available in a large variety of sizes and shapes to suit your application.

Logistics & Transport (

The logistics & transport segment is a rapidly growing end-use area for self-adhesive labels. Labels are used for routing, inventory & tracking & tracing. The life of the label is rather short. We offer a broad range of labels sizes & materials for this segment. Scratch resistance is the key criteria for labels used in the transport sector.

Oil, lubes & Industrial Chemicals

Industrial chemical labeling covers many different applications, including bulk chemicals, oils & paints, & building & agricultural products. Labels for outdoor use in particular require durability, e.g. water & chemical resistance.

In industrial chemical labeling the label also plays an important role in product safety since it identifies products & any possible hazardous components. Standard paper or film label materials are currently in use in most labeling applications, particularly for products stocked or used indoors.


Tyre labels function as carriers of important information about a tyre including the brand, type, dimensions & product bar code. The adhesive for tyre labeling should perform well during the following stages:

  • conversion of the laminate into labels
  • dispensing of the label from the liner onto the tyre
  • distribution & storage on rough tyre profiles
  • removal from the tyre so that the label face pulls away cleanly
  • Barrier properties are essential
  • In industrial chemical labeling the label also plays an important role in product safety since it identifies products & any possible hazardous components. Standard paper or film label materials are currently in use in most labeling applications, particularly for products stocked or used indoors.


  • Self-adhesive pre-printed labels
  • Self-adhesive plain labels
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Shrink Sleeves
  • Opp Wrap around labels
  • Cut & stack labels
  • Promotional labels
  • Tags & Tickets
  • 2 Layer labels
  • Sandwich labels
  • Clear Labels
  • Tamper Evident Labels
  • Synthetic Labels
  • Special Adhesives
  • Printing Capabilities

  • Up to 9 color fully UV printing
  • Glue side printing
  • Sheeting
  • Labels with Sprocket holes
  • Perforated labels
  • Spot UV
  • Lamination
  • Cold Foiling
  • Fire-mark printing
  • Embossing
  • Hot-stamping