Flexible Packaging & Printing Solutions

Self Adhesive Labels

Print and Apply Systems

Improve your process efficiency, without expanding facilities or increasing costs by adding staff. Automated Labeling Solutions are designed to improve your processes, and your bottom line.

Variable barcodes, product specific information, and unique shipping labels are all applications that can benefit from an automated label printer applicator.

  • High-performance print and apply system, designed to ensure greater efficiency in your operation.
  • Print throughput up to 16 ips.
  • Excellent print quality.
  • Can utilize a large array of label types, including those that are traditionally difficult for label applicators to dispense
  • Easy print head change, to keep you up and running, and built-in ribbon saver, to reduce your consumption of supplies.
  • Economical operation with robust, high-performance printing and high speed label applicator.

Automated Labeling System

Speed and Efficiency in an Automated Labeling System This industrial product family is designed for application of pre-printed labels (including manufacturing source labels).

  • Operates in humid or dusty environments.
  • Up to 39 ips dispensing speed.
  • Can operate as a bottom, side, or top apply device.
  • Intuitive menu display panel that can be rotated for ease of use.
  • The label roll is both easy to install and easy to remove, improving efficiency in demanding inventory and distribution labeling applications.
  • Labels roll sizes up to 9.05".
  • Low maintenance costs.

P3400 Label Printer Applicator

Designed for high loads

The P3400 label printer offers comprehensive solutions for all of your automatic printing and labeling needs. It is designed for high loads in permanent use in tough industrial environments. The Videojet P3400 label printer is characterized by its ease of use and low maintenance requirements.

Modular design

The modular design of the Videojet P3400 enables you to select the application modules to suit your needs. This provides a solution tailored to each application and customer requirement. Its modular design makes the printer extremely versatile.

  • Air jet module
  • Basic tamp module
  • Tamp jet module
  • Heavy duty tamp module
  • Two panel/two label module
  • Swing arm module
  • Heavy duty swing arm module
  • Corner wrap module (application modules)

210 Automatic Labeler

Fast and accurate

The Videojet 210 fully automatic labeler offers you optimum solutions for applying pre-printed adhesive labels to a wide variety of products. The control process is carried out quickly and accurately via a microprocessor and a stepper motor with positioning precision of ± 1 mm.

Modular design

Thanks to its modular design, the device offers optimum solutions for any application. These include:

  • the tamp module
  • the touch module
  • he blow module

Efficient and cost-effective

With language-independent user navigation, the Videojet 210 is extremely easy to operate. The device can be used efficiently by storing various production settings. It requires little maintenance and therefore has low maintenance costs.