Food Packaging Films

Many food ingredients are susceptible to oxygen deterioration and therefore demand protection from oxygen. Our barrier films are ideally suited to meet these requirements. They can be used in variety of applications e.g Tray sealing, MAP, Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP), Vacuum Packaging and Stretch Wrapping.
We know which films will best work with which machines. Each of the following film categories includes number of applications, various formulations and varying thicknesses to meet your packaging needs.

BEMIS Opalen Barrier Films

Outperforming co-extruded films

Bemis proprietary Opalen™ barrier films offer the possibility to choose the right set of features to protect any fresh meat and cheese applications. Mono-axially oriented for improved toughness, machinability, clarity and barrier, Opalen™ Films can be used with all packaging methodologies including Vacuum/MAP, Traysealing, Shrink and skin Packaging.

  • High gas barrier performance for longer shelf-life
  • Anti-fog properties for improved product visibility
  • UV protection to prevent color-fade and keep the product’s visual appeal
  • Printed or with decorative and functional coatings
  • Range of substrates compatible sealants: PE, PP & PET
  • Range of thicknesses for cost-efficient packaging

KP Skin Films – LINtop® PE HB SKIN

Advanced second skin packaging films

This latest development of flexible film is suitable for a wide range of products where the packaging has to maintain a natural look for the whole life time. LINtop® Skin improves shelf life and creates a secure seal to prevent contamination and leakage. This LINtop® Skin flexible product perfectly delivers the value proposition of the Skin packaging by offering enhanced visual appeal, a longer preservation of quality and taste, and improved processing

  • Compliant with all tray sealers such as Mondini, Ulma, Sealpac, ,Italianpack, Ishida, Proseal, Caveco, Mecapack
  • Perfectly complements our Rfresh® Evolve rPET trays
  • Ideal for low profile and high protrusion – 80-150 µm – applications
  • Visual Properties: Transparency & Gloss
  • Sealing Properties: Securely seals at high speeds through fresh food contamination

KP Tray Lidding Films – LINtop® PE HSF

Advanced second skin packaging films

A perfect match for the Rfresh® Elite trays and a great replacement on all other trays, the LINtop® PE HSF is a thin 25 μm, high barrier, tray lidding flexible film. It is stress-resistant, anti-fog, leak-proof and printable. Ideal for retail ready modified atmosphere packaging formats. Tailor made shrink performance produces tight, wrinkle-free packs with outstanding clarity and consumer appeal. Ideal for manual and automatic lidding machines and other qualified Form Fill and Seal machines.

  • For use on all outside cut tray sealers like Italianpack, Ishida, Mondini, Sealpac, Ulma, Mecapack
  • New multi-layer extrusion process allows down gauging at same or improved performances
  • Shrinkage rate: 15% MD-TD at 90°C
  • Visual Properties: Transparency & Gloss
  • Sealing Properties: Securely seals at high speeds (up to 120 packs/min)
  • High Barrier (EVOH) to oxygen, other gases, water vapor, guaranteeing good preservation of food

KP Flow Packaging Films – LINform® PE HSF

Advanced second skin packaging films

A barrier films range for the contemporary flexible flow pack packaging operation, LINform® PE HSF is a high barrier, plain or printed shrink vacuum flexible film for bulk or case ready packaging, produced on a horizontal flow packing machine followed by a vacuum chamber and shrink tunnel. The system is designed to replace manual or automatic shrink bag loading in the bulk meat, processed meat and cheese market sectors.

  • For use on all flow pack wrappers (HFFS machines)
  • Designed for high speed machines (up to 120 packs/min)
  • Film thickness from 40 – 60 microns
  • Visual Properties: outstanding clarity

Gruppo Fabri – Stretch / Cling Films

We provide wide range of Gruppo Fabbri stretch films for food packaging to work with our stretch wrapping machines. Quality stretch films are extremely shiny, transparent and strong. These films are formulated to have greater breathability which allows for better preservation of the packaged product. This permeability also ensures the absence of condensation within a pack, thus resulting in extreme pack contents visibility.
Thanks to the “memory effect” characteristic, the packaging maintains the initial tension and appearance, contributing to perfect product presentation. Available in four different formulations including Polyolefin, our stretch films feature:

  • Available between the thickness of 8 microns to 30 microns
  • Available in widths from 210mm to 650 mm
  • Option to purchase printed film with your artwork (flexoprinting)
  • Specially formulated for food packaging particulalry fresh produce i.e. meat, poultry, vegetables