Food Grade Trays

In partnership with Klockner Pentaplast, Zultec owns and operates a state-of-the-art thermoformed plastic container factory. We produce PET/PP food trays for the fresh produce industry. From category specific trays for fresh protein packaging, to high-barrier and high-functionality lidding films for traysealing for an extended shelf life and food safety, we have you covered from all aspects of fresh protein packaging.

Rfresh® Elite

Made with up to 95% PCR content, Rfresh® Elite is a breakthrough innovation that not only delivers outstanding performances throughout the value chain, but also presents great sustainability credentials. It provides great shelf appeal and drives consumers’ positive product perception. With drastic improvement in packaging integrity and possibility to recycle at the end of its use, Rfresh® Elite can deliver substantial savings and an end of life that becomes a new start for PET products.

  • FAST: Higher throughput, higher sealing speed for faster, consistent operations
  • SECURE: Robust operations, higher sealing strength compared to industry standard; up to 3 times better leakage performance
  • CLEAR: Improved shelf appear and freshness perception; increased clarity (75% lower haze)

Rfresh® Evolve

Made with up to 90% PCR content our Rfresh® Evolve is the vacuum skin packaging solution you have been seeking. Rfresh® Evolve trays offer a world of new, exciting display opportunities. The compact, tight aspect of the trays allows for easy shingle packing and hanging tabs create vertical display options.

Vacuum skin packs offer variety to help meet the needs of smaller convenience stores, increased shelf life performance, no oxygen degradation up to 21 days with red meat, product can remain in date over two weekends, extending the opportunities to sell.

  • APPEALING: The product always looks its best, with no surrounding liquids and no color changes. Visual appeal can result in up to 60% higher purchasing intention.
  • EFFICIENT: Vertical display allows for easier stock management. Vacuum packaging extends shelf life and preserves taste longer
  • Metalic inks, varnished or tactile finishes or laminated for added protection & durability
  • CLEVER: Perfect solution to help products stand out. Improved visual appeal and premium look – from shelf to consumption