Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Zultec can supply a wide range of Thermal Transfer Ribbons that are compatible with the leading brand of thermal label printers. We can offer thermal ribbons for multiple sizes of printers and labels in different grades such as Wax, Wax Resin and Resin, depending on the label material and application. Choose the right Ribbon Type is important. As experts in Labels and Labelling, we are experienced in matching the right ribbon for your circumstance.


These are versatile and efficient ribbons for general use. They are perfect for printing on matte and coated paper. They are characterized by high printing speed and good protection of the print head which increases its lifetime. Examples of use: general purpose, transportation and storage labels, marking of products.


They have been designed for the use in printers with high printing speed and high resolution. This allows to print labels with logos, graphics and normal, inverted, and two-dimensional barcodes. The use of wax-resin ribbons guarantees high resistance to abrasion and dirt, as well as flexibility in use with different raw materials, from coated paper to plastics. Examples of use: information, storage, and logistics labels, cardboard or plastic tags.


They are used when high-quality and resistant prints are required. They are designed for special requirements, ensuring the highest level of resistance to abrasion, temperature, and various chemicals, e.g.: gasoline, mineral spirits, motor oil, bleach, isopropyl alcohol, de-icers, or sulfuric acid. Examples of use: electronic industry, medicine and pharmacy, laboratories, automotive industry, external storage, chemical industry.