NOVEXX Solutions has 50 years of experience in the industrial identification and labeling business. How is that possible if we only entered the market in June 2015? We originated from Avery Dennison’s Industrial Print & Apply (IPA) line of business, and now combine our global know-how with the drive of a midsize enterprise. We aim to be the first choice for companies that want to advance their supply chain. Why decide between experience and vitality, if you can have both?

ALX 73X Series

Our ALX 73 x ranges of Print & Apply models are developed to meet the fastest available Print & Apply demands in the marketplace. With up to 50 meter per minute apply speed, our ALX 73x models are unbeatable.
Covering print widths up to 152 mm (6 inches), most required printing demands are covered without losing print quality at high application speed. Large label rolls in combination with 1000 meter ribbon rolls make the ALX 73x extremely efficient and support your needs for fast, reliable and perfect product identification.

  • Fastest Print & Apply System in its class
  • Increase uptime with easy integration into existing systems
  • Large label and ribbon rolls
  • Modular parts for quick maintenance,
  • Tandem function and easy-to-use controls
  • Combination of fast printing and applying with speeds of up to 833 mm/s


Our high-performing, intelligent models of the ALX 92x range are the perfect choice for any dedicated Print & Apply need. Covering three different print widths, the ALX 92x systems perform excellent in any environment. Used for item, carton and pallet applications, printing barcodes, text, logos and more, the ALX 92x shows itself to be very flexible.
With a focus on efficiency, the ALX 92x models include large ribbon rolls of 1000 meters, ribbon saving function and easy operator handling.

  • 1:1 print & apply system for industrial use
  • Ideal for constantly changing print contents
  • Maximum dispensing speed of 24 m/min
  • Print Width of up 4” (ALX 924), 5” (ALX925), 6” (ALX926)
  • Dispensing without applicator

XPU Pallet Labeler

XPU pallet labeler offers high levels of reliability, efficiency and user-friendliness, including demanding 24/7 applications, and delivers outstanding print results even in the rough conditions of a logistics environment.

  • Applies GS1 compliant A5 labels
  • Labels once or two sides with just one pallet stop
  • Fully readable barcode with optional in-line barcode validation scanner
  • Marking up to 180 pallets per hour
  • Based on proven ALX 926 Print & Apply system

ALS 104

High-performing, robust labelers for applying decorative, informative and branding labels in demanding environments in continuous operation, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Integrated design with a small footprint makes this ALS range easy to install in your new or existing production line, regardless of whether the label has to be applied on the top, on the side, around or on the bottom of your product. Intelligent features like dispensing edge, pneumatic applicators, Ethernet, IP65, tandem function and many more make the ALS range your preferred labeler.

  • Ideal for demanding performance in continuous operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Modular concept for easy integration into a unit in your existing systems
  • Features bottom, side and top labelling with three different fixing options
  • Dispensing speed up to 40m/min (ALS 204), 30m/min (ALS206),50m/min(ALS256) & 70m/min (ALS272)

ALS 306/309

The ALS 30x Labeller series is our highest performance labeling system, equipped for the toughest labeling demands and environments. Built to perform and support continuous labeling by using large label rolls, tandem application and fast service modules, ALS 30x series is perfectly made for decorative, promotional and product labels. Increase your productivity and production line performance by using our NOVEXX Solutions high-performance Labelers ALS 306 and ALS 309.

  • High-performing labeling system for application of labels
  • Label widths of up to 6”(ALS 306) and 9”(ALS309)
  • Near perfect accuracy with dispensing speeds up to 60 m/min (ALS306) and 45 m/min( ALS309)
  • Internal warning in case new material supply is needed
  • Automatic Product Speed Following (APSF) to accurately apply labels on conveyor belts with variable speeds
  • Massive range of applicator accessories, mounting kits and interfacing options

LA-TO: Touch-on Applicator

ALS20x, ALS 256, ALS 306, ALX 92x and ALX 73x

LA-TO is robust standard touch-on applicator for easy mounting and play & play integration with wide range of label dispensers and print & apply systems. LA-TO is perfect for applying small to large labels (up to 160 x 210mm)

  • Best suited for labels requiring a firm application pressure
  • High output for top, side or bottom applications
  • Easy change of label pads for different label sizes
  • Total solution for printing and labeling of items with fixed or variable heights
  • Available with fixed, touch down and blow-on label pads.

LA-BO: Gentle Blow-on Applicator

ALS 20x, ALS 256, ALS 306, ALX 73x and ALX 92x:

TA-BO applicator blows a label onto the side, the top or the bottom of the product without touching the product and this makes it an ideal solution for products that are fragile, varying in height or with an uneven or difficult shape e.g. vegetables, fruit or 6-pack bottles packed in plastic foil.

  • Non-contact labeling of sensitive products
  • Allows blow distance of up to 10 cm away from the applicator
  • Pivoting applicator allows comfortable material change
  • Sliding bars enable fast and easy setting of label size
  • High application accuracy even at high speeds

LA-SO: Swing-on Applicator

ALX 92x:

LA-SO is an optional applicator for NOVEXX ALX 924/925/926 print & apply engines. The LA-SO is a swing arm with vacuum pad, pneumatics, control box and mounting-plate. After an ALX prints and dispenses a self-adhesive label, the LA-SO vacuum pad picks up the label and swings it onto the product. It’s ideally used in logistic environment for pallet labeling.

  • Application of labels on products ranging from individual items to multiple boxes
  • High output for top, side or leading-edge application to products
  • Complete solution for printing and labeling in the logistics industry
  • Durable industrial design for reliable operation
  • Applies labels to moving products

LA-CE Wipe – Corner Edge Applicator

All ALS and ALX models

Corner edge applicator is the ideal labeling solution when a single label needs to be applied to adjacent panels. Corner Wrap label applications are great for labeling outer cases and pallets. Once a product is detected, a label is dispensed to a 90 degree vacuum grid where it waits for the oncoming product to make contact. As the product continues to move, the applicator rolls around the corner, adhering the remaining label to side of the product.

  • Pneumatic applicator folds labels around the back corner of rectangular shaped products
  • The LA-CE Wipe is mounted directly on the conveyor
  • Arm is spring driven around the corner