Wanzl is a global market leader for shopping trolleys and one of the world's largest retail partners. Wanzl sets the standard for quality and comfortable shopping that leads to increased sales to shoppers. When it comes to luggage trolleys we are also leading the way in global innovation and are at the pinnacle of the market. The brand MADE BY WANZL has penetrated numerous markets around the globe.

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El Series

The shopping trolleys in the EL series were designed in response to our retail partners’ need for a trolley that did not allow any items to be transported outside the basket. There are no storage options on the chassis and the wide range of basket sizes is appropriate for a variety of different goods and industries. Use of the EL series is proven to reduce theft.

  • No storage options on the chassis – helps to prevent theft
  • Narrow meshed baskets, volume from 75 to 240 litres
  • Original wear-resistant, low maintenance Wanzl castor wheels with 100 or 125 mm diameters

Drc Series

The shopping trolleys in the DRC series, which are essential for stores which include a drinks department, are true transportation miracles. The chassis has space for up to 2 drinks crates while the trolley basket has plenty of room for a big grocery shop

  • Basket and raised wire chassis, with bottom tray as standard
  • Narrow meshed baskets, volume from 75 to 185 litres
  • Original Wanzl castor wheels with 100 or 125 mm diameters

Tango Series

The shopping trolleys in the Tango® series are an attractive feature in any store – with appealing basket colours and varied colour combinations. A standard Promobox with large advertising space for interchangeable adverts is also available, along with various chassis options for a wide range of goods. Particularly easy to push and maneuver, they guarantee shopping enjoyment at its best

  • Extra-light shopping trolleys with an innovative design
  • Narrow meshed plastic baskets with a honeycomb design, volumes from 22 to 240 litres
  • Original Wanzl castor wheels with a diameter of 125 mm

Bt Series

The BT series shopping trolleys have proved their worth millions of times over around the world. The design, performance and safety of this model represent the „state of the art“. With its high tipping resistance and passenger conveyor compatibility, the BT series, as all Wanzl models, is suitable for children.

  • Optimum design for improved loading and unloading
  • Reliable use for your advertisements

Wa Series

Printed shopping baskets don’t just look especially attractive; they also reduce the risk of theft. All WA series models can be custom-printed to meet your requirements. There are different color models from flame red to traffic green, emerald green and traffic blue.
For property labelling and corporate image Printed shopping baskets look especially attractive and reduce the risk of theft

T40 Transport Trolley

The universal transporter with one of the largest platforms – for heavy loads and large quantities of goods. Fitted with wire or wooden platform. One important convenient feature is the fifth castor wheel, which allows you to steer the T40 easily and turn it on the spot. This makes the trolley run in a stable, straight line regardless of its load.

  • Large platform – high level of comfort
  • For heavy loads and large quantities of goods
  • For increased turnover

Rc / E2 Mobile Container

Simple and robust trolley. Size can be greatly condensed thanks to special folding option (1:8)

  • Optimized for storage and transport
  • Lightweight design

Portec Turnstile

Portec turnstiles for entrances and exits. Reliable turnstiles with electro-mechanical design for safe and dependable individual entry separation for large flows of people.

  • Varied applications for safe separation of individuals
  • Attractive material and colour combinations
  • 3-arm

Sirio Turnstile

Sirio turnstiles ensure safe, dependable and convenient movement of people. Reliable individual entry separation in a wide range of entrance areas. Release using card reader, coin operation, operating panel, ticketing system or according to individual requirements. The elegant channelling elements are in-keeping with the attractive design of the Sirio turnstiles and aid reliable entry separation.

  • Ideal in architecturally sophisticated surroundings
  • In tight-fit stainless steel casing
  • Available with 2 or 3 arms


A solid choice for the long-term future: electronic entrance systems, with optional opening initiation via light barrier or radar. With all the important functions you need to make your store entrance safer. Reliability demonstrated over many years of use.

  • TUV mark
  • Anti-panic feature as standard
  • Adjustable opening time
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