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Consumables / Films

Film packaging for food is our core competence. We have a strong portfolio in this field and the right film for each food-product. Keep freshness and flavor at their peak with our food film and packaging solutions, our films are a perfect fit for a wide array of stretch film dispensers, impulse sealers, thermoformer, tray sealing and shrink wrap machines that are a part of our portfolio.


As leaders in the design and development of fresh food packaging, LINPAC has a deep understanding of the demands of today's fast paced fresh food industry and a portfolio of patented material technologies. We provide innovative trays for Flow Packing, In-line Thermofoming, Stretch Wrapping & Tray Sealing for MAP applications.

Consumables / Films

Stretch Films

Our stretch films are available in variety of formulations and gauges, allowing packers and retailers to pack in full safety and with the maximum quality guarantee, fresh food products such as fruit and vegetables, red and white meat,fish, cheese, fresh pasta and gastronomy. These films assure an excellent preservation of your food products while keeping nutritional properties intact.

Barrier Films

We deliver a comprehensive range of barrier films offering excellent presentation and protection, for a wide range of food products, utilising both lamination and co-extrusion technology. These barrier films have excellent anti-fog properties and exceptional transparency to show off your products at their best.

Vacuume Pouches

Vacuum pouches are used to hold a variety of products – fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and meat, milk, convenience food, salad, bakery and confectionery. The vacuum inside a pouch conserves the original flavor and quality of your product, greatly extending its shelf life. We meet all legal requirements and food industry standards.

Storing & extending food life up to 5 times through vacuum packaging is beneficial for various ranges of products.

Long term storage of dry foods: Nuts, Cereals, Cured Meats, Cheese, Smoked Fish, Coffee, Crisps.

Short term storage of fresh foods: Vegetables, meats, liquids i.e. soups.

Frozen foods: Vacuum pouches prevent freezer burn by shielding food from exposure to the cold, dry air. Freezer burn occurs when the surface of frozen food becomes dehydrated, leading to a leathery appearance and an impaired flavor.



PET Trays

Designed specifically for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), Rfresh® PET HB trays are an excellent choice, offering industry leading high barrier environmental performance, extended shelf life and exceptional product visibility.


LINdri ® Trays

Ideal for that fresh 'just packed' look, these are cost-effective absorbent trays for both manual and stretch wrap packaging applications.


Fresh PP Trays

PP Trays are designed principally for the poultry market and can be used for shorter shelf life applications.


LINstar ® Trays

Market leading absorbency of LINstar trays remove the need for 'Soaker' pads, so disliked by a consumer. Available in different sizes and colours, it’s an ideal in-store packing solution.

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