Packaging Machines

Constantly shifting demands of modern societies have turned consumer goods packaging into an extremely diverse and creative industry requiring incredible variety of solutions to respond to the consumer needs particularly in food industries.
From passive protection to active communication, Zultec provides the most integrated packaging solutions formed around the specific needs of our customer’s products, from primary to tertiary packaging. Our packaging solutions include:

Minipack®-torre offers you a wide range of shrink wrap machines, perfect for industrial packaging for both food, such as bread and biscuits, and non-food. With innovative and compact design, the wrapping machines with shrink films are aimed at maximum productivity without sacrificing asthetics.

Fabbri stretch wrappers use stretch film to package fresh food products in preformed trays. These machines are built for speed, versatility and highest levels of productivity and are available in retail and industrial variants

Industrial tray sealers designed to match different production needs (from small up to high productions by fully automatic lines. Product can be packed only by sealing or in MAP, inside preformed containers (PS, PP, PET, APET, CPET) sealed with lid film

Increase the shelf life of your fresh produce using advanced vacuum packaging machines from Boss. From Table top manual machines to fully automatic chamber machines and machines for extra-large products, Boss ensures the flexibility of handling different products the way you prefer.