Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging

Twin-chamber machines are mobile, plug-in units that come with standalone and automated product processing variants. Thanks to the layout with two vacuum chambers, very high packaging outputs are possible. Whilst the packaging cycle is running automatically in one chamber, the second chamber can be re-loaded. It is exact solution for medium and large – scale enterprises to protect your products against external factors and extend the shelf life.
Completely made of stainless steel, these twin chamber machines comes with several lid height and sealing options to perfectly match your product type.

Titan-X 850 | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

Simply Professional

TITAN-F 800 is high performance commercial vacuum packaging machine in floor standing format with 63 m3/h vacuum pump. With internal chamber dimensions of 845 x 600 x 210mm, the machine has been designed around the idea of packing several different products (food or non-food) as easy as possible for the operator.
Housed in complete stainless steel body including the top lid, the machine comes with two seal bars of 550mm each on left & right sides or 810mm on front and rear sides.

  • High throughput with 99 memory programs to set individual packaging parameters for different types of products
  • Integrated sensors for H2O & Red Meat for perfect packaging of liquids & meat products
  • Incremental vacuum for slowing degassing products
  • Cyclical vacuum permits multiple flushing of the bag
  • Option to choose working with sealing bar 1, sealing bar 2 or both together
  • Integrated service control to ensure the longevity of vacuum pump

Titan-X 950a | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

Professionally Automated Production

With all the advanced features of TITAN series, TITAN-X 950A helps you to automate your food production through the automatic transport belt and additional components including a make table & shrink tunnel with advanced and individual control for the Vacuum Machine and Shrinking Tunnel. Ideal for food processing plants, each sealing bar is around 950mm with adjustments that provide maximum sealing space for different kind of products.

Short vacuum time, reliable sealing, flexible working heights and completely modular line equipments put this machine in a league of most premium league of industrial grade automatic vacuum packaging solutions.

  • Z3000 controller with all sensors and parameters of standard TITAN series machines
  • Fast vacuum process due to powerful Busch vacuum pump
  • Moveable bridging roller track for seamless transportation
  • Photocell based product detection to start shrinking and drying process
  • Advanced controls for conveyor belt speeds, temperature and fan within the shrink tunnel and dryer