Metal Detectors

Unmatched Accuracy and Speed

The metal detectors have a high detection precision and will eliminate metal contaminated products. Loma’s range of Metal Detectors are easy to use with intuitive full color touchscreens and icon-driven menus as well as offer fast inspection and product set up with variable frequencies, optimizing the system for each product type.
Available in different models, our metal detectors are made for products ranging from small ready meals through to blocks of cheese, soups, sauces, meat, poultry and pharmaceutical pills and tablets.

IQ3+ Metal Detector

Metal Detection with Colour Touchscreen

The IQ3+ series of variable-frequency metal detectors are designed to inspect products for metal contaminants in the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. You can either purchase them as search head that can be integrated into a larger packaging line or as a standalone conveyor unit with automatic reject stations.

This model comes complete with IP69K Rating and multiple product memories for rapid product change over and data storage to maximize product inspection times.

IQ3+ range offers an industry first, true variable frequency operation with up to 7- frequencies versus just 3 in other metal detectors. Whatever the application, IQ3+ will automatically set-up for peak performance in seconds without requiring a service engineer to do product change adjustments.

IQ3+ Pipeline Metal Detector

Metal Detection of meat and other pumped products

Loma PipeLine Metal Detector series have been designed to provide highly sensitive in-line metal detection for all types of pumped liquid and semi-liquid products. The metal detectors work with pastes, slurries, sauces, jams, chocolate and liquids and are often integrated into filling systems.

Designed for sterile in place (SIP) cleaning at the end of each product run to comply with hygiene standards (EN1672-2), the pipeline metal detectors come in meat and non-meat food applications with different pipe diameter, connections and mounting options.

  • USDA-approved
  • easy to take apart and clean
  • the pipe withstands high temperatures and high-pressure hosing-down
  • can use standard- or special fittings
  • Quick Acting 3-way valve
  • compact design and high sensitivity

Insight Ffv (Free Fall Vertical) Metal Detector

Gravity feed system for inspecting powders or granules

High throughput rates coupled with best-in-class sensitivity make the INSIGHT VF system ideal for the detection and rejection of metallic contaminates during the handling of free falling materials either at the beginning of a production line or at any suitable point in manufacturing. This metal detector is perfect for processing cereals, cocoa, coffee, sugar, spices, dried fruits, flour, milk powder, rice, chemical granules and plastic pellets.

  • Integrated Digital Search Head and DDS vector display deliver perfect product setups
  • Best in class sensitivity to magnetic and non-magnetic metals
  • Minimum installation space required due to compact design
  • Throughput up to 50 tonnes per hour
  • Supplied complete with frame, throughput tube and choice of quick release reject devices

Insight Throat Metal Detector

Compact Gravity feed system for inspecting snacks & confectionary

INSIGHT throat (waferthin) metal detector is designed to be installed between gravity feed hoppers, Multihead weighers and bagging machines. The system can be integrated with control systems on bagging machines or multi-head weighers for maximum efficiency and total quality assurance.
The Insight throat metal detector requires a minimum metal free zone and offers an optional 3 part product tube available for easy removal and cleaning.

  • Integrated Digital Search Head and DDS vector display deliver perfect product setups
  • Best in class sensitivity to magnetic and non-magnetic metals
  • Unique search head construction is stable to extreme vibration and product signal
  • Optix – a powerful reporting and diagnostic software that clearly displays a detailed profile of your product for perfect set ups and timely reports
  • INSIGHT C5 detector heads are sealed to IP66 (NEMA 4X)