X-Ray Inspection

Unmatched Accuracy and Speed

X-Ray inspection systems provide a complete contamination detection solution for food, pharmaceutical and packaging manufacturers. Innovative technology detects glass, metal, stone and high-density plastics, even for products packaged in foil or metalized film. Our x-ray equipment gives manufacturers the assurance that Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles are met. We offer more than a simple safety solution. With Zultec, simultaneously perform a wide-range of in-line quality checks including measuring mass, counting components, identifying missing or broken products, monitoring fill levels, inspecting seal integrity and checking for damaged packaging.

  • Quick belt release mechanism for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Intuitive full color icon driven touch-screen
  • New adaptive array technology automatically calibrates for best detection performance
  • A new x-ray generator featuring an 18W Eco Mode
  • High efficiency new heat exchanger ensures extended x-ray tube life
  • Designed especially to prevent water collection and decrease drying times