Knowing who use your physical assets, where they are used and where and when they are being moved is often a challenging task and there’s no room for errors. ZulAssets provides a systematic process to address these challenges and save millions which are typically unaccounted for.

Trusted by hundreds of clients, large, small and midsize businesses, ZulAssets transforms the management of all corporate assets and helps manage your assets through their complete lifecycle using the barcode and RFID technologies. The totally integrated solution with the right hardware and software components offers a powerful asset register with robust maintenance management, asset tracking and asset accounting to help you make informed decisions.

Major Features

Assets Atlas

Manage every aspect of the asset lifecycle from asset acquisition through maintenance, budgeting, tracking, leading, depreciation and disposal.

Assets Visibility

Control, track and record every change that occurs during the lifetime of an asset

Assets Life

Easily calculate depreciation to determine an asset’s useful life with our user selectable depreciation options

Assets Reports

Get detailed and summarized reports with customizable parameters to drill down into specific assets, location and periods

Assets Tagging

Tag your assets with either Barcode or RFID and use mobile computers for tagging, allocation, scanning & auditing. Setting barcode template is a fun with ZulAssets

Assets Enterprise

Manage multiple businesses or sites in a single enterprise level solution with access based role definition and corporate visibility across different departments with seamless integration with your ERP