Without end-to-end integration, sales order and inventory management processes fall victim to time consuming, error-prone orders and invoicing. ZulRoute is a distinctive route accounting automation application that amalgamates warehousing, sales and finance function in one place providing your sales representative and drivers with singular flexibility and your management with upstream visibility to enhance productivity.

ZulRoute is a comprehensive and flexible solution that includes workflows for van sales, presales and delivery operations, enabling distributors and manufacturers to better serve their customers, manage on field sales, improve field staff productivity and optimize your distribution logistics with routing.

ZulRoute implements industry best practices that can be quickly tailored to your unique business processes, making it the fastest and most cost effective way to streamline your field sales and delivery business.

Major Features

Route Sales / Pre Sales

Enables presales & vansales to quickly take orders, process returns at store, issue invoices from back office or printing them in field, collect payment and capture electronic proof or all business transactions performed

Route Pricing

Define unique price lists per customer with special offers, cross-sell and upsell promotions, discounts, and multiple price lists

Route Receivables

Track all outstanding invoices and customer ledgers. Apply cash payments to a customer’s account by specific invoice, partial or over payments.

Route Inventory

Turn sales fleets into mobile warehouses. Organize truck loads, reconcile inventory with central warehouses, remote stock lookup from the field and never go low on inventories.

Assets Tagging

Tag your assets with either Barcode or RFID and use mobile computers for tagging, allocation, scanning & auditing. Setting barcode template is a fun with ZulAssets

Route Scheduling

Optimize stops and easily manage routing changes. ZulRoute easily integrates with Live GPS tracking data to ensure route compliance and delivery optimization