The process of physical handling of goods in and out of the warehouse is an extensive and costly operation. To keep costs as low as possible, it is essential that quantity and placement of stocks are accurate. To have efficient warehouse processes, a company must define the warehouse in terms of layout, put-away and pick logic, as well as internal replenishment information

From good’s receiving and inventory management to dispatch, Zultec Warehouse Management System provides visibility to ensure a smooth, streamlined and productive warehouse operation.

Major Features

WH Receiving

Automates receiving by either associating supplier bar codes with received products or printing new bar code labels. Receive fractional quantities and get notified of discrepancies during receipt

WH Putaway

Ensures that inventory is stocked in the correct bin locations with “Scan/Confirm” prompts. Allow items to be stored in multiple bin types/locations using multiple putaway strategies.

WH Picking

Automates picking of customer orders, transfers, production orders, and vendor returns. Pick orders by route, zone, batch order, FIFO or lot while managing pick priorities and pick accuracy

WH Cycle Counting

Eliminates paper-driven inventory process by doing real-time cycle count of item quantities. Cycle counting provides accurate stock visibility of inventory quantity, valuation and transactions.

WH Performance Metrics

On-demand access to warehouse performance data to create reports which help you identify the warehouse performance, stock reports, slow moving items, unshipped items with status and replenishments

WH Integration

Seamlessly integrates with Oracle, SAP, Dynamics and other ERP’s and Zultec’s business applications. RFID / Barcodes, Mobile Computers and Mobile Printers allows to create a perfect mobility within your warehouse

Zultec’s extensive experience in implementing warehouse automation projects includes expertise in integrating the system with various kinds of warehouse operation equipment from our materials handling division.