Mobility And Rfid Solutions

Enterprise mobility technology focuses on managing the increasing array of mobile devices, wireless networks and related software to enable broad use of mobile computing in a business context.

Mobility solutions intelligently transform operational data into actionable information, accessible anywhere and anytime through mobile handheld devices. The connectivity is completely secure and drives faster response to critical items and which helps in early problem detection and rectification. Our mobility solutions link your physical world to the digital world and provide you with better visibility on the movement of goods and people, which helps you make better decisions, streamline processes and automate workflows

RFID Products

Our RFID solution allows for the following RFID functionality:

  • Reading & Recording RFID Tags for look-up and evaluation
  • Performing write operations to RFID tags
  • Validating RFID tag integrity
  • Printing your own RFID tags

For low-to-mid volume printing with a compact unit, a desktop barcode printer may be the right choice for you.

Lightweight and durable mobile printers create receipts, tickets, medical specimen collection labels, and more – wherever they are needed

These barcode printers are suited for back store operations or store’s distribution centers. They are ideal for inventory management, fast put-away or pick to speed products to sales floor or store transfers or return-to-vendor processes.