Label Applicators

Add on devices to assure accurate labels placement in specific position on various products, NOVEXX range of applicators enhance your label processing options for ALX Print & Apply and ALS Labeling Solutions.

These applicators are able to fulfill all your identification demands with robust well-proven plug and play modules of highest industrial standard.

LA-TO: Touch-on Applicator | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

ALS20x, ALS 256, ALS 306, ALX 92x and ALX 73x

LA-TO is robust standard touch-on applicator for easy mounting and play & play integration with wide range of label dispensers and print & apply systems. LA-TO is perfect for applying small to large labels (up to 160 x 210mm)

  • Best suited for labels requiring a firm application pressure
  • High output for top, side or bottom applications
  • Easy change of label pads for different label sizes
  • Total solution for printing and labeling of items with fixed or variable heights
  • Available with fixed, touch down and blow-on label pads.

LA-BO: Gentle Blow-on Applicator | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

ALS 20x, ALS 256, ALS 306, ALX 73x and ALX 92x:

TA-BO applicator blows a label onto the side, the top or the bottom of the product without touching the product and this makes it an ideal solution for products that are fragile, varying in height or with an uneven or difficult shape e.g. vegetables, fruit or 6-pack bottles packed in plastic foil.

  • Non-contact labeling of sensitive products
  • Allows blow distance of up to 10 cm away from the applicator
  • Pivoting applicator allows comfortable material change
  • Sliding bars enable fast and easy setting of label size
  • High application accuracy even at high speeds

LA-SO: Swing-on Applicator | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

ALX 92x:

LA-SO is an optional applicator for NOVEXX ALX 924/925/926 print & apply engines. The LA-SO is a swing arm with vacuum pad, pneumatics, control box and mounting-plate. After an ALX prints and dispenses a self-adhesive label, the LA-SO vacuum pad picks up the label and swings it onto the product. It’s ideally used in logistic environment for pallet labeling.

  • Application of labels on products ranging from individual items to multiple boxes
  • High output for top, side or leading-edge application to products
  • Complete solution for printing and labeling in the logistics industry
  • Durable industrial design for reliable operation
  • Applies labels to moving products

LA-CE Wipe – Corner Edge Applicator | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

All ALS and ALX models

Corner edge applicator is the ideal labeling solution when a single label needs to be applied to adjacent panels. Corner Wrap label applications are great for labeling outer cases and pallets. Once a product is detected, a label is dispensed to a 90 degree vacuum grid where it waits for the oncoming product to make contact. As the product continues to move, the applicator rolls around the corner, adhering the remaining label to side of the product.

  • Pneumatic applicator folds labels around the back corner of rectangular shaped products
  • The LA-CE Wipe is mounted directly on the conveyor
  • Arm is spring driven around the corner