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Cognex advanced machine vision & industrial barcode reader systems deliver instant improvements to any manufacturing process, enabling products to be made at higher speed, without defects and at lower COS

In-Sight 7000 Series | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

A True Revolution in Machine Vision

This powerful vision system performs fast, accurate inspections while its compact footprint easily fits into space-constrained production lines. With this vision system, the focus values associated with the inspection of specific parts can be saved in the system so that when a part change is loaded, autofocus functionality enables the lens to refocus for the new part.

  • Field-interchangeable lighting (red, blue, green, white, infrared)and optics for greater flexibility to match your application without external power
  • Power and control external lights
  • Highest image capture speed at over 100 frames per second
  • IP67 package
  • Full suite of powerful Cognex algorithms and vision tools help you solve applications easily and reliably

In-Sight 8000 Series | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

Smallest machine vision system in the world

The In-Sight® Micro 8000 series, an ultra-compact, standalone smart camera vision systems offer high speed communication with Gigabit Ethernet Measuring just 31mm x 31mm x 64mm, the 800 series systems are available in VGA, MP, 2MP and 5MP resolution.
In-Sight Micro 8000 series models are easy and convenience to setup with Easybuilder and flexible of added control with spreadsheet and scripting.

  • World’s smallest, full line, standalone vision system in VGA, 1MP, 2MP and 5MP resolutions
  • Compact footprint, with the ability to mount at angles up to 45-degrees, is ideal for integrating into tight spaces, on robots and on hard-to-reach machinery
  • Powerful vision tools library including new PatMax RedLine, faster than any other geometric pattern matching technology
  • High speed communication with Gigabit Ethernet

In-Sight 5000 Series | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

Unprecedented Vision Power

In-Sight 5000 has an unprecedented vision power and extreme ruggedness with rugged die-cast aluminum IP67 housing and stainless steel IP68 case options to withstand the harsh production environments. This series also includes the world’s only 5 MP color vision system available today In-Sight 5705C with 24-bit color image filtering and advanced color tools.

There are more than 15 In-Sight models to choose from general applications, color applications, line scan applications, high-resolution applications and identification applications.

  • Self-contained vision system and the world’s only 5MP color vision system
  • Rugged industrial hardware
  • Fastest 5MP standalone vision system 5705 with PatMax® Redline™ to reduce inspection cycle time and increase throughput.
  • In-Sight 5604 brings the benefits of line scan acquisition for inspecting cylindrical objects and fits well in space-constrained environments.

DataMan 50/60 Series | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

Unmatched Barcode Reading Performance

The DataMan 50/60 is a compact barcode readers designed for 1-D oriented barcode reading. Small in size but exceptional in barcode reading performance, the DataMan 50L measure just 23.5mm x 27mm x 43.5mm with IP65 is an ideal for mounting in very limited space on production lines.

Both readers are equipped with Hotbars™ technology, a proprietary image-analysis technology that delivers the highest read rates and IDQuick® for the ability to read even the most difficult 2-D matrix codes.

  • Image based barcode scanner with resolution of 752 x 480
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Omnidirectional scanning with no moving parts
  • Performance feedback with “no reads” analysis
  • Ethernet connectivity for real-time tracking, image download, data transfer and plant integration in DataMan 60

DataMan 150/260 Series | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

High speed reading of challenging 1-D and 2-D barcodes

Fully configurable to meet the demand of ID applications today, the DataMan 150/260 readers are equipped with Cognex’s best-in-class algorithms, 2DMax with PowerGrid™ and 1DMax with HotBars II™ to decode even the damaged or poorly printed 1-D, 2-D codes or hard to read DPM marks
The DataMan 150/260 readers are configurable to meet a wide variety of applications, including field configurable lensing and lighting options, and configuration as a straight or right-angle device, reducing the overall footprint of the reader. Included in the lensing options is a liquid lens configuration, allowing for easy setup and on the fly focus adjustment. All of this combines to provide an ease of use not found in other products.

  • Handles broad range of codes from printed labels to DPM marks
  • Two lenses option; 16mm lense to read smaller codes and standard 6.2mm lense
  • Ethernet based reading with DataMan 260
  • Modular and changeable lighting and optics to increase system flexibility and reduce cost of ownership

DataMan 360 | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

High performance reader for all applications

The DataMan 360 series reads a wide range of 1-D linear and 2-D matrix symbologies. Powerful ImageMax technology with a high powered liquid lense and a combination of cross polarized and co-linear polarized LEDSs enhances image formation and read DPM codes on variety of round, reflective or specular surfaces. The DataMan 360 offers a 360 degree visual read indicator.
1DMax® with Hotbars™ technology decodes damaged or poorly printed 1-D barcodes as small as 0.8 pixels per module (PPM). 2DMax® provides reliable 2-D code reading despite code quality, printing method or the surface that the codes are marked on, and with patent-pending PowerGrid™ technology, can locate and read 2-D codes that exhibit significant damage to or complete elimination of the finder pattern, clocking pattern, or quiet zone.

  • Filed changeable optics and lighting for perfect image formation
  • Image resolution of up to 1600 x 1200
  • Easy configuration without a PC
  • Wide range of lense options including 16mm or 25mm manual, 19mm or 24mm liquid lense
  • Ethernet connectivity

DataMan 8600 Series | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

Simply Professional

DataMan® 8600 series image-based ID readers provide the world’s most advanced barcode reading technology for decoding DPM, 2-D and 1-D codes of varying sizes, quality and marking or printing methods. Integrated liquid lense technology maximizes application and depth-of-field flexibility. Patented UltraLight technology provides superior image formation on any mark type and surface.

The modular communication design supports Ethernet with Industrial Protocols as well as corded and wireless modules to ensure the DataMan 8600 series of readers are ready to meet your application communication requirements.

  • Includes all powerful algorithms 2DMax, 1D Max, Hotbars, PowerGird & IDQuick
  • Image resolution of up to 1280 x 1024
  • UltraLight integrated bright field, dark field and diffuse illumination options
  • Variable focus liquid lense to read codes from far.away

DataMan 8050 Series | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

Mid-Range Barcode Reader

DataMan 8050 is equipped with world-class barcode reading algorithms
and designed to withstand harsh factory floor conditions. It reads 1-D and 2-D codes with incredible speed every time, even if the code is damaged, smudged, scuffed or poorly marked.

  • Includes Cognex algorithms 2DMax, 1D Max, Hotbars, & IDQuick.
  • DataMan 8050X, a mid-range reader to read DPM marks and Labels
  • DataMan 8050 designed for labels with fastest reading speeds
  • Image resolution of up to 752 x 480
  • 6 Integrated red LED lighting that provide bright illumination even in dark places
  • Fixed Focus Lense

MX-1000 | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

Vision Enabled Mobile Terminal

MX-1000 is designed for standard-range, industrial-use applications that require robust barcode scanning capabilities. The flexible design supports company-issued and contractor supplied smartphones and is ideal for field-service, courier, parcel delivery, transportation and other applications outside the fourwalls of a manufacturing or logistics facility

  • Powerful algorithms read even the most challenging 1D and 2D codes
  • High speed scanning performance for products, packahing and shipping lanels
  • 6 Integrated red LED lighting that provide bright illumination even in dark places
  • Fixed Focus Lense