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Diebold Nixdorf is a strategic, collaborative end-to-end provider of services, software and hardware for the retail sector. Zultec and Diebold provide next generation Point of Sales applications and hardware which is being trusted by global retailers to provide the best shopping experience to their customers.

BEETLE/iPOS PLUS | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

Innovative All-in-one POS System

The BEETLE/iPOS plus is industrial-grade 15” all-in-one touchscreen POS terminal and Kiosk system with dust-proof and fanless design, ideal for retailers who seek a retail-hardened, state-of-the-art, PC-based POS system

  • Energy-efficient Intel Braswell process technology
  • TCO optimized design (dust-proof housing, no fans, SSD option)
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Three color variants; Black, Silver, White with integrated wireless LAN and VESA
  • Highly flexible I/O interface concept
  • Adaptable peripherals incl MSR, Fingerprint Reader, NFC Reader and Rear-mounted customer display
  • Integrated WiFi option

BEETLE/iPOS PLUS Advanced | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

Perfect Balance of Performance And Style

BEETLE/iPOS plus advanced is a versatile touchscreen POS terminal and Kiosk with a stylish, all-in-one design and advanced graphic user interface. Based on Intel’s fourth generation of processing technology with choice of three processors, the system fulfills the very highest performance requirements and is ideally suitable to the needs of modern retail and hospitality markets by making the work of cashier much easier and more efficient. Due to its versatile configurations and extensions, the BEETLE iPOS Plus Advanced offers maximum flexibility.

  • 15″ All-in-One multi-touch POS & Kiosk system
  • Choice of three processors ( Intel Celeron, Core i3, Core i5)
  • Fast & Scalable I / O interfaces
  • Optional peripherals: iButton, MSR, Customer display and monitor
  • I / O hub to accommodate above average number of interfaces

Beetle / M-III | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

Modular POS With Maximum Performance

Beetle M-III is the most powerful POS system designed to meet the high demands on a retail environment. The range of processors ranges from the dual core Intel Celeron to the quad core Intel Core i5. Intel’s chipsets, the Intel H81 and Intel Q87 provide enhanced graphic performance. This makes a parallel operation of demanding applications no problem. RAID protection enhances security against data loss. A large number of available interfaces allow the cash terminal peripherals necessary for retail operations

  • For any kind of today and tomorrows cash applications
  • Drive cage for exchangeable drives
  • Improved cooling concept with just one fan
  • Largest number of interfaces (I / O)
  • Designed for under-counter and desktop installation

BEETLE / moPOS | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

Best of Both Worlds: From Mobile to Stationary POS

The BEETLE / moPOS combine the advantage of a stationery POS system with those of a mobile POS system. It has been specifically developed for retailers in to order to migrate on modern tablet to offer seamless Omnichannel experience to their customers.

  • Use as Mobile POS to address queues at checkout or use as powerful stationery checkout system with cash drawer and printer
  • Available with 8.3” and 10.1” industrial windows tablets
  • Stylish POS hub to turn your mobile POS to stationery POS with wireless connection to all tablets and ethernet connectivity with store network
  • Quad core 2.37 GHz processor and 4 GB of RAM
  • Integrated 8 MP Camera, 2D SmartBack barcode Scanner and MSR for cashless transactions

K-ONE | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

The Entry Level Solution In The Retail Kiosk Portfolio

Welcome to the digital world of retail with the new interactive K-one store kiosk that is designed to offer a completely new shopping experience to your customers. Powered by our reliable and tested components housed in this kiosk, we offer functionalities from order taking, service, further product information, ticket and lottery sales to even self-checkout. With its attractive, intuitive design the K-one attracts consumers and delivers on their expectations for the ideal consumer touchpoint.

  • Built for 24/7 operation, K-one offers flexible configuration options
  • Easy integration in IT system landscapes with maximum flexibility
  • Option for d
  • For heavy loads and large quantities of goods

Polytouch | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

The Premium All-in-One Multi-Touch Solution

Consumers value the insight and expertise of in-store personnel when making purchasing decisions – and a compelling presentation can increase the likelihood of capturing sales. Using the polytouch® interactive kiosk solutions, retailers can deliver rich, relevant product information and demonstrations on the shop floor: inspiring customers to purchase. In addition to creating new up- and cross-selling opportunities, retailers can even use the solution as a self-checkout, boosting same-day sales.

  • Captures sales by inspiring customers with eye-catching, interactive presentations
  • Creates new up- and cross-selling opportunities with multi-media product catalogues
  • Maximizes sale-day sales opportunities with self-checkout functionality
  • Delivers an immersive, intuitive customer experience with a high-resolution multi-point interface

W1000 | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

The Kiosk Middleclass with Various Installation Options All-in-One Multi-Touch Solution

W1000 is an attractive and intuitive kiosk with shiny acrylic glass surface and stainless steel housing. Comes with three installation variants, you can either place them on floor or mount them into the wall. Flexible configurations makes it an ideal solution for businesses looking for tailored Kiosk system.
Optimized for storage and transport

  • Reduce queue times with self-service for lower-value, high-frequency transactions
  • Increase average basket values by freeing employees to serve more customers
  • Built in payment functionality, 2D scanner, 80mm thermal printer, 19” TFT touchscreen, Loudspeaker, Camera and a powerful BEETLE M-/iii inside

POS Tower 150 | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

Class-leading self-checkout solution for card payment

To boost customer satisfaction and drive sales, leading retailers are streamlining the customer journey with self-checkout solutions. The POS Tower 150 is a class-leading self-checkout solution for credit- and debit-card payment – empowering customers to complete the checkout process without the assistance of a cashier. With options for both vertical and bioptical product scanners, the solution can be flexibly configured to meet the requirements of a variety of store types. Guided by an intuitive interface and automated audio-visual prompts, customers can rapidly scan, pack and pay for their items themselves, enabling retailers to deliver a seamless customer journey

• Empowers customers to complete their own retail journeys – freeing in-store personnel to serve customers faster at traditional checkouts
• Ensures usability with an intuitive interface and automated audio-visual prompts
• Supports a wide variety of products with fully customizable weight-tray parameters
• Supports country-specific requirements including language, system of measurement and currency
• Scales out simply and cost-effectively thanks to a compact, modular design
• Enables high uptime with straightforward serviceability at the front end
• Integrates fully with other best-in-class POS and banking solutions from our portfolio

POS Tower 150 R | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

Comprehensive Self-checkout for card and cash payment

With cash the dominant payment method worldwide, the ability to process cash transactions at all in-store channels is important to maximize sales opportunities. The POS Tower 150 R is a comprehensive self-checkout solution that offers both cash and card payments – and the ability to recycle cash within the system. With options for both vertical and bioptical product scanners, the solution can be flexibly configured to meet the requirements of a variety of store types. Guided by an intuitive interface and automated audio-visual prompts, customers can rapidly scan, pack and pay for their items themselves – helping retailers to deliver a seamless customer journey and maximize sales opportunities.%