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Italian Pack was established in 1988, Northern Italy, and is a leading manufacturer of tray sealing, vacuum packing and lidding machinery. Italian Pack offers extensive range of machines from a simple table top sealer to complete, fully automatic high speed lines, including tray denesting, conveying, tray filling, film sealing and lidding. Applications include standard air closing, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and skin packing. Our loyal customers are from all divisions of the food industry; Ready Meals, Meat, Poultry, Fish, Seafood and Desserts. From our purpose built factory in Como, the highly experienced team at ItalianPack ensure we remain at the forefront of technical advancement. We continue to offer quality solutions and a market leading range of manual to fully automated equipment to a worldwide customer base.

Polaris | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan


ItalianPack Polaris One/Double/Tre models are fully automated machines for the vacuum, M.A.P. (vacuum+gas), skin tray and sealing only, packaging of pre-formed trays. Available in a range of configurations from single to multi-lane and with optional auxiliary equipment including fillers, tray denesters, depositors and multi head weighers, the low investment and running costs make the Polaris the most cost effective fully automated solution in the market.

  • Pack up to 70 MAP trays, 150 Sealed Trays and 60 Skin Trays per minute
  • Unique model for bucket seal applications
  • Brushless servo driven motors to increase throughput by 40%
  • HMI controls with 90 different packaging programmes
  • Hybrid triple chamber tray sealer capable of tripling the output of a single chamber
  • Unique ability to incorporate three different tools in the same machine to minimize downtime during changeover
  • Unique ability to operate and select appropriate die without time consuming tooling changeover

Perseus | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan


Perseus incorporates all the features of the larger Polaris, but in a more compact and economical format. It is a fully automated machine for Vacuum, MAP (vacuum+gas), skin tray and tray sealing of pre-formed trays.
In addition to our standard specifications, Perseus can be tailored to customers’ needs and additional components allow for a turnkey “complete line” to meet the requirements of today’s food industry.

  • Pack up to 32 MAP trays per minute, 60 sealed trays and 28 skin trays
  • Quickly change tool in less than 2 minutes
  • Compact and mobile design to operate as standalone or as part of fully automatic line
  • User friendly HMI touch screen controls with 99 packaging programmes

Olympus | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan


ItalianPack Olympus is a semi-automatic tray sealer with rotating turntable that allows loading and unloading of trays while the machine is completing the cycle in the second vacuum chamber. This considerably cuts cycle time and optimizes production throughput ItalianPack Olympus is fitted with an automatic film rewinder and a special application allows for the use of printed films.

  • Pack up to 16 MAP trays per minute, 28 sealed trays and 12 skin trays
  • Quick die change in less than 2 minutes
  • User friendly HMI touch screen controls with 99 packaging programs
  • Low cost dies makes it easier to do custom-design to choose from an extensive range of tray sizes

Oceania Mini | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan


Oceania Mini is a table top tray sealer built on the same quality standards as other floor standing models. It runs off a 1-phase electric supply and comes with a choice of vacuum pumps and moulds to make sure every option is available for you. Oceania Mini features automatic film feeding and rewinding and is the smallest of tray skin machines in the market

  • Electronic controls with 10 packaging programs
  • Tray mould change without any tool