ALS 306/309

The ALS 30x Labeller series is our highest performance labeling system, equipped for the toughest labeling demands and environments. Built to perform and support continuous labeling by using large label rolls, tandem application and fast service modules, ALS 30x series is perfectly made for decorative, promotional and product labels. Increase your productivity and production line performance by using our NOVEXX Solutions high-performance Labelers ALS 306 and ALS 309.

  • High-performing labeling system for application of labels
  • Label widths of up to 6”(ALS 306) and 9”(ALS309)
  • Near perfect accuracy with dispensing speeds up to 60 m/min (ALS306) and 45 m/min( ALS309)
  • Internal warning in case new material supply is needed
  • Automatic Product Speed Following (APSF) to accurately apply labels on conveyor belts with variable speeds
  • Massive range of applicator accessories, mounting kits and interfacing options