Automac 75 Piu

Faster Generation Industrial Packaging

Automac 75 and Automac 95 are Gruppo Fabbri’s answer to the increasingly pressing demands for increase in performance from packaging centres and industrial production lines. Evolution in technical, functional and aesthetic terms, of Automac 55 Più, with the same footprint they increase performance in terms of strength, durability and reliability, maintaining flexibility in the format change and raising the maximum speed of packaging up to 75 or 90 packs per minute respectively.

  • Up to 75 packs per minute
  • In-line packaging machine with extended in-feed conveyors and exit conveyor rollers
  • Perfectly integrates with Bizerba weigh price labeling machine
  • New control panel with touch screen monitor and 29 different editable programs for wrapping
  • Achieve high speed even with printed films because of new film unwinding and tensioning system with sealing belt on exit results
  • Fast changeover of film reel
  • Easy access for quick cleaning and maintenance