Beetle / iPOS Plus Advanced

Perfect Balance of Performance And Style

BEETLE/iPOS plus advanced is a versatile touchscreen POS terminal and Kiosk with a stylish, all-in-one design and advanced graphic user interface. Based on Intel’s fourth generation of processing technology with choice of three processors, the system fulfills the very highest performance requirements and is ideally suitable to the needs of modern retail and hospitality markets by making the work of cashier much easier and more efficient. Due to its versatile configurations and extensions, the BEETLE iPOS Plus Advanced offers maximum flexibility.

  • 15″ All-in-One multi-touch POS & Kiosk system
  • Choice of three processors ( Intel Celeron, Core i3, Core i5)
  • Fast & Scalable I / O interfaces
  • Optional peripherals: iButton, MSR, Customer display and monitor
  • I / O hub to accommodate above average number of interfaces