Beetle / moPOS

Best of Both Worlds: From Mobile to Stationary POS

The BEETLE / moPOS combine the advantage of a stationery POS system with those of a mobile POS system. It has been specifically developed for retailers in to order to migrate on modern tablet to offer seamless Omnichannel experience to their customers.

  • Use as Mobile POS to address queues at checkout or use as powerful stationery checkout system with cash drawer and printer
  • Available with 8.3” and 10.1” industrial windows tablets
  • Stylish POS hub to turn your mobile POS to stationery POS with wireless connection to all tablets and ethernet connectivity with store network
  • Quad core 2.37 GHz processor and 4 GB of RAM
  • Integrated 8 MP Camera, 2D SmartBack barcode Scanner and MSR for cashless transactions