Bizerba BVS ® -L maxx

BVS®-L maxx automatically checks label position and texts. When integrated with inline dynamic Checkweigher, the system will add another level or protection on your production line by rejecting any over filled and under filled packages. In addition, the system automatically controls the label position, texts and film color. Any package that do not confirm to the programmed or set criteria will be rejected. You can also check the package sizes and barcodes. A great product for fresh produce manufacturers, the system rejects any out dated product by verifying the pack date with programmed date range to ensure out dated products do not reach your customers.

  • Synchronous package inspection by means of two cameras
  • Parallel view of top and bottom images(individual display option)
  • Reading of texts (e.g. sell-by-date)
  • Belt speeds of up to 110m/min
  • Seamless integration with Weigh price labeler and Checkweigher
  • Easy data management and reports with Brain industrial software