Bizerba N22/82

Compact Meat Mincer For Counter Sales

The FW-N 22/82 minces raw, cooked or smoked meat. Even marbled meat – in hot or cold form – bacon, offal, rind and vegetables can be minced. Food processing facilities will achieve perfect results and the machines can be cleaned quickly and efficiently. A range of cutting blades is available. They mince either finely or coarsely and enable the best possible mix of fatty and lean parts of the meat

  • Minces up to 350 Kg of meat per hour
  • Compact meat mincer for sales center and preparation room
  • Clearance-free fit for gentle comminution without warming up and with high oxygen enrichment for a longer product life
  • Stainless steel housing and thick-walled product feed plan
  • Feed pan without folded upper edge for optimum hygiene
  • Feed pan and feed hopper are seamlessly welded to take -up of the warm housing