Bizerba ThermoSecure L

ThermoSecure L checks the sealing seams, label and information on the top and bottom side of the packages. The stand-alone inspection device detects non-confirming packages prior to cartoning and rejects them if there are product deviations.

ThermoSecure L prevents extensive rework, claims and product recalls due to non-confirming packages. Thus, ThermoSecure L ensures that only flawless products reach the market. Since the product images are saved in the production and relevant products reports are generated, the inspection system contributes to a complete traceability of the production.

  • Simultaneous inspection of seal and labels
  • Checks whether correct packaging was used for the product
  • Automatic rejection of products not confirming with requirements
  • Suitable for packaging lines with automatic product change
  • 30 years of know-how in optical inspection systems