Bizerba Vs12 Series

The VS 12 A, VS 12 D and VS 12 D-V are automatic slicers manufactured by Bizerba that employs a slice output function without the use of hand contact. These slicers are capable to adjust the slide thickness in 03 mm range finely. In addition, they provide a convenient and simple operation and are quick to maintain.

The slicers from Bizerba are best suited for applications such as cutting of sausage, cold meats and cheese.

  • Manual, Semiautomatic and fully automatic operation
  • Fine adjustment for slice thickness in range of 0-3mm
  • Hygienically perfect design: disassembly without tools & optional Ceraclean® attachment
  • Powerful Bizerba motor with intelligent Emotion® blade drive for energy efficient and noise less environment
  • Optional blade versions for cheese, bread with an optional round platter for depositing the slices pieces