Elixa 24

Medium Level Retail Packaging

The Elixa 24 is a highly flexible machine for packaging fresh products in stretch wrap. The Elixa 24 has a speed of 24 packaging units per minute. The machine is known for its simplicity and reliability.

The use of film that is only 280 mm wide, rather than the standard widths of 330, 380 or 400 mm, leads to an enormous saving on film. As a result, the packaging costs are substantially lower than for conventional packaging machines.

  • Elixa 24 provides 24 packs per minute speed.
  • Automatic reading, no operator intervention in the event of a format change.
  • Simple to use with no pre-set programme for setting up your machine
  • Options to expand your machine with an extension of the feed belt, and various types of output.
  • Photocells to detect and monitor products on input