Face ID2

FingerTec Face ID2 is a contactless verification device with tighter security and a user-friendly interface all into one compact device. Face ID2 is a new device for access control and time attendance that not only verifies identity using fingerprint matching, but also uses a new technology that can run a facial recognition match. The device runs a scan of your face using its high resolution infrared camera, and matches it to the scan that was previously memorized into the system.

  • Multiple identity verifications i.e. Fingerprint, Face ID, RFID card and Password verification
  • 10,000 fingerprint templates and 1200 face templates
  • Different communication methods i.e. Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, USB
  • 4.3” 65K color TFT touchscreen panel
  • Support for optional Wifi, GPRS & 3G