HandPunch 4000

A large enterprise looking to implement all the “bells and whistles” will be happy to know that the HandPunch 4000E may be the solution that fulfills all of their requirements. In addition to providing all the features of other models, the HandPunch 4000E provides additional programmable function keys and an integrated barcode reader for quick punch in solutions particularly for those organizations having larger number of employees. Edit-at-a-clock function allows supervisors to override user restrictions and to input such items as missed punches, planned vacations, sick time etc.

  • Registers up to 530 employees
  • Upgradable to support up to handle 3,498 & 52,516 employees
  • Greater flexibility for supervisors with 10 programmable function keys
  • Bell schedules to let you program the day, time and duration of series of bells.
  • Door control capability to unlock and monitor a door
  • Integrated bar code reader to eliminate code punching
  • Employee messaging with 24 information fields to find out their schedule, total hours worked, and more.