In-Sight 5000 Series

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Unprecedented Vision Power

In-Sight 5000 has an unprecedented vision power and extreme ruggedness with rugged die-cast aluminum IP67 housing and stainless steel IP68 case options to withstand the harsh production environments. This series also includes the world’s only 5 MP color vision system available today In-Sight 5705C with 24-bit color image filtering and advanced color tools.

There are more than 15 In-Sight models to choose from general applications, color applications, line scan applications, high-resolution applications and identification applications.

  • Self-contained vision system and the world’s only 5MP color vision system
  • Rugged industrial hardware
  • Fastest 5MP standalone vision system 5705 with PatMax® Redline™ to reduce inspection cycle time and increase throughput.
  • In-Sight 5604 brings the benefits of line scan acquisition for inspecting cylindrical objects and fits well in space-constrained environments.