Max 46 S

Table-Top Vacuum Power House

MAX 46 S is the most advanced vacuum packaging machine in the table-top series with controls that allow you to have the perfect pack for majority of fresh produce. The vacuum packer comes complete with two seal bars of 460mm in length positioned one on the right and one on the left side of the chamber.

Advanced sensor control is equipped with a precision vacuum sensor and permits precise settings of important operating parameters.

  • Advanced digital control Z 3000 with additional controls
  • 99-programme memory
  • H2O sensor for automatic packaging of liquid products flexibly adjustable according to customer requirements
  • Incremental vacuum for slowing degassing products
  • Cyclical vacuum permits multiple flushing of the bag
  • Red meat programme for shrink bag packaging
  • Soft-air function for gentle back ventilation
  • Integrated service control to ensure the longevity of vacuum pump