ItalianPack Polaris One/Double/Tre models are fully automated machines for the vacuum, M.A.P. (vacuum+gas), skin tray and sealing only, packaging of pre-formed trays. Available in a range of configurations from single to multi-lane and with optional auxiliary equipment including fillers, tray denesters, depositors and multi head weighers, the low investment and running costs make the Polaris the most cost effective fully automated solution in the market.

  • Pack up to 70 MAP trays, 150 Sealed Trays and 60 Skin Trays per minute
  • Unique model for bucket seal applications
  • Brushless servo driven motors to increase throughput by 40%
  • HMI controls with 90 different packaging programmes
  • Hybrid triple chamber tray sealer capable of tripling the output of a single chamber
  • Unique ability to incorporate three different tools in the same machine to minimize downtime during changeover
  • Unique ability to operate and select appropriate die without time consuming tooling changeover