POS Tower 150

Class-leading self-checkout solution for card payment

To boost customer satisfaction and drive sales, leading retailers are streamlining the customer journey with self-checkout solutions. The POS Tower 150 is a class-leading self-checkout solution for credit- and debit-card payment – empowering customers to complete the checkout process without the assistance of a cashier. With options for both vertical and bioptical product scanners, the solution can be flexibly configured to meet the requirements of a variety of store types. Guided by an intuitive interface and automated audio-visual prompts, customers can rapidly scan, pack and pay for their items themselves, enabling retailers to deliver a seamless customer journey

• Empowers customers to complete their own retail journeys – freeing in-store personnel to serve customers faster at traditional checkouts
• Ensures usability with an intuitive interface and automated audio-visual prompts
• Supports a wide variety of products with fully customizable weight-tray parameters
• Supports country-specific requirements including language, system of measurement and currency
• Scales out simply and cost-effectively thanks to a compact, modular design
• Enables high uptime with straightforward serviceability at the front end
• Integrates fully with other best-in-class POS and banking solutions from our portfolio