Turntable Conveyor

Zultec provides a range of turntable conveyors for pick and packers, product sortation, accumulation as well we directional changes particulalry in the smallest possible space of your conveyor system. They are usually placed in the final part of the packaging line. Our turntable conveyors are designed according to specific needs of each client and in relation to its product.

Our turntable conveyors are used in many industries and fabricated in Stainless Steel for Food and Pharmaceutical market or painted mild steel with your corporate color for more industrial type of rotary turntable.

  • Available in different sizes with typical disc diameters from 1 – 2.5 m
  • High efficiency wash down inverter duty gear motor
  • Fixed or rotating retaining guide rails
  • Bottom mount standard drive for accumulation turntable & chain driven direct drive for directional change turntable
  • Variable speed inverter with flexible disc rotations
  • Available in Accumulation & Sorting turntable & directional change turntable configurations for light, medium and heavy loads