On Counter and Hands-Free Scanners

Fixed-mount scanners or on-counter imagers facilitate high-volume, high-speed, hands-free scanning for applications such as point of sale, driver’s license scanning, still images, kiosks, turnstiles, and conveyors. Fixed-mount scanners are designed for both general purpose and rugged environments and come in a range of sizes, including compact to accommodate space constraints. Fixed-mount scanners are available in horizontal, vertical, and omnidirectional configurations. Both laser and imaging scanners are available in fixed-mount models.

Symbol DS9208 Hands Free Imager | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

Affordable Next Gen Scanning Technology For Today’s Mobile World

Whether you need to scan printed bar codes on paper labels or mobile bar codes on the screen of a mobile phone, with the DS9208, you’ll be ready. You get the versatility to scan any 1D or 2D bar code — from the printed labels in retail that identify product and pricing at the register to mobile coupons, mobile gift and loyalty cards, boarding passes and even theater tickets. And the DS9208 provides all the features you need to keep your workers productive: industry-leading scanning speed; true point-and-shoot scanning simplicity — no need to align bar code and scanner; and hands-free and handheld flexibility.

  • Most compact device in its class with a flexibility of much larger scanner
  • Handheld and hands-free modes
  • Select and scan a single bar code from a bar code menu or “picklist”
  • Omni-directional scanning

Symbol DS9808 Hybrid Presentation Imager | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

High Performance, On-Counter Scanning

This high performance digital imaging scanner features a one-of-a-kind hybrid form factor that provides superior comfort and ease of use in both handheld and hands-free scanning modes. With record fast swipe speeds for 1D and 2D barcodes, the DS9808 comes in short range, long range and RFID models delivering a new level of productivity and throughput at the point of sale, and offers optional integrated Checkpoint EAS compatibility.

  • Hybrid design for ease of use for both hands-free and handheld scanning
  • Comprehensive data capture:1D, 2D, Image capture, signature capture & RFID
  • Automatically deactivates EAS security tags (Checkpoint)
  • Omnidirectional scanning eliminating the need to align item and scanner
  • Flexible working range (SR model range 10.5 in ), (LR model range 18 in)

Symbol DS4308 Handheld Scanner | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

One Scanner That Does The Job Of Two

Packed with the next generation scanning technology you need to scan any barcode on any medium in any condition, faster, nearer and farther than any other scanner in its class. The DS4308 does it all — 1D or 2D, electronic or printed on paper labels or plastic cards, even if the barcode is dirty, scratched or poorly printed. With PRZM Intelligent Imaging inside, your workers can capture barcodes as fast as they can pull the scan trigger. And that means no more Point-of-Sale exceptions that can turn into longer lines, longer wait times and lost sales. The DS4308 — a new class of scanner for a new world of barcodes

  • Scans 1-D, 2-D and PDF417 bar codes printed on paper labels or displayed on mobile devices or computer screens
  • Megapixel sensor for maximum data capture flexibility
  • Omni-directional scanning with PRZM Imaging for the superior 2-D imaging
  • Adjustable beeper volume with special LED wavelength that’s easy on the eyes
  • Available in Healthcare variant built to handle the constant wipedowns required in hospital environment

Symbol DS7708 2D Imager | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

High Performance, On-Counter Scanning

When it comes to on-counter scanning, the DS7708 offers a feature set that puts it at the top of its class for performance, ease of deployment and total cost of ownership. No matter what barcodes appear at your POS, the DS7708 can scan them all — 1D, 2D, printed and electronic — as fast as your cashiers can slide items past the scan window. Extraordinary durability minimizes costs and protects uptime, maximizing device lifecycle and your return on investment

  • Scan virtually any bar code, in any condition, on any medium
  • PRZM intelligent imaging for next generation scanning performance
  • Swipe speeds allowing users to capture bar codes as fast as they pass items in front of the scan window
  • Scan bar codes and deactivate EAS tags in a single motion (checkpoint)
  • Largest field of view with omni-directional scanning eliminating the need to orient an item to capture the bar code

MP6000 Scanner / Scale | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

Redefine Throughput And The Customer Experience In The Busiest POS Lanes

This multi-plane bioptic imager can capture virtually any printed or mobile 1D or 2D barcode in practically any condition, with blazing speed. The all-new modular design allows you to add a customer-side scanner for barcodes displayed on mobile phones, traditional loyalty cards or even impulse buys, as well as a handheld scanner and EAS, while providing expandability for future requirements – such as an RFID reader. The result? Higher throughput. Fewer abandoned sales. And a great lasting impression that will foster increased loyalty and return visits

  • Scans bar codes at higher rate than any laser bioptic scanner available today
  • Capture any barcode on paper labels, plastic cards or on the screen of a mobile phone –even if they are damaged
  • Sapphire glass on horizontal scan window which is virtually impervious to scratches
  • Integrated EAS support for Checkpoint or Sensormatic systems
  • Omni-directional scanning plus a 6-sided 720° coverage zone