Vacuum Packaging

There are many reasons why a food business might decide to use vacuum packaging machines. One of the main commercial reasons to pack food under a vacuum atmosphere is to extend the shelf-life of the product. For a business, this has important financial benefits.
Zultec’s partnership with Packaging films, vacuum bags manufacturers and its processing engineering division’s expertise in line integration and services makes it a complete vacuum packaging solution provider

Zultec’s vacuum technology partner, Boss, is the most respected name in vacuum packaging. Based in Germany with over 50 years of experience with craftsmanship and new advanced technologies, Boss guarantees accuracy, working safety and a problem-free, effective operation. By offering a vast range of options plus the capability of building tailor made machines Boss Vacuum can deliver the exact vacuum chamber that you need!

Vacuum chamber table machines are always a good solution if you are considering to start production of products with vacuum pack or in case of shortage of space (for example is shops, supermarkets or the kitchen).

Vacuum chamber floor standing machines are ideal for medium sized businesses. Comes with numerous equipment variants, they host stronger vacuum pumps for a perfect vacuum packaging.