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Food Processing Equipments For Supermarkets

Zultec food solutions are industry leading processing and packaging equipments for every area of the retail store so your workflow becomes streamlined. Our food processing solutions in retail are employed in retail butcheries, supermarkets, meat markets, bakeries, deli’s, restaurants and food commissaries.

Our food processing equipments include Bone Saws, Slicers, Mincers, Tenderizers & Strip Cutters. We understand that there are many different tasks associated with food processing and that each job requires the right tool to achieve optimal efficiency and that’s why we provide a range of manual, semi-automatic and automatic food processing equipments. Whether you are a large supermarket or a small town butcher, Zultec food processing solutions address your needs and provide affordable machines f the finest quality.

Commonly used for portioning meat and other products, our Bandsaws provide the best hygiene and increase efficiency of your butchers

Our meat mincers are dedicated to hotels, restaurants, institutions, butcher shops and supermarkets. They are an ideal appliance for the preparation of ground beef, hamburger steak and sausages.

Our food slicers help you provide the best cuts of cheese, meat or bread and are the perfect companion in your deli and meat section.

Our preparation equipments include meat tenderizer, strip cutter and fish scaling equipment that helps you quickly prepare your food for cooking.