Interactive Kiosks

Consumers have a desire for easier, more intuitive access during their in-store experiences. Today, 56 percent of consumers feel that technology makes their shopping experience better. With 90 percent of transactions still completed in a store, brick-and-mortar retailers must anticipate the influence of digital and online channels by adopting interactive technologies. Ensure your store network has an edge on the competition with our interactive kiosks designed to quickly, seamlessly assist your consumers throughout their visit.

K-ONE | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

The Entry Level Solution In The Retail Kiosk Portfolio

Welcome to the digital world of retail with the new interactive K-one store kiosk that is designed to offer a completely new shopping experience to your customers. Powered by our reliable and tested components housed in this kiosk, we offer functionalities from order taking, service, further product information, ticket and lottery sales to even self-checkout. With its attractive, intuitive design the K-one attracts consumers and delivers on their expectations for the ideal consumer touchpoint.

  • Built for 24/7 operation, K-one offers flexible configuration options
  • Easy integration in IT system landscapes with maximum flexibility
  • Option for d
  • For heavy loads and large quantities of goods

Polytouch | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

The Premium All-in-One Multi-Touch Solution

Consumers value the insight and expertise of in-store personnel when making purchasing decisions – and a compelling presentation can increase the likelihood of capturing sales. Using the polytouch® interactive kiosk solutions, retailers can deliver rich, relevant product information and demonstrations on the shop floor: inspiring customers to purchase. In addition to creating new up- and cross-selling opportunities, retailers can even use the solution as a self-checkout, boosting same-day sales.

  • Captures sales by inspiring customers with eye-catching, interactive presentations
  • Creates new up- and cross-selling opportunities with multi-media product catalogues
  • Maximizes sale-day sales opportunities with self-checkout functionality
  • Delivers an immersive, intuitive customer experience with a high-resolution multi-point interface

W1000 | Zultec – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan

The Kiosk Middleclass with Various Installation Options All-in-One Multi-Touch Solution

W1000 is an attractive and intuitive kiosk with shiny acrylic glass surface and stainless steel housing. Comes with three installation variants, you can either place them on floor or mount them into the wall. Flexible configurations makes it an ideal solution for businesses looking for tailored Kiosk system.
Optimized for storage and transport

  • Reduce queue times with self-service for lower-value, high-frequency transactions
  • Increase average basket values by freeing employees to serve more customers
  • Built in payment functionality, 2D scanner, 80mm thermal printer, 19” TFT touchscreen, Loudspeaker, Camera and a powerful BEETLE M-/iii inside