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You can count on finding a Zebra mobile device that offers the right features for each and every worker in your retail store, at the right price — from high performance fully-featured tablets and mobile computers for store managers and associates, to a smart badge to connect your entire retail workforce and customer-facing kiosks for self-service or self-scanning.

These mobile devices are the key touch points for your store associates and your shoppers. Not only they help in improving store productivity, either in terms of fulfilling orders, taking inventories or scheduling deliveries, but they also personalize the experience of your shoppers. It’s about creating a collaborative environment with the right visibility technologies.

From Store inventories to merchandizing, assisting shoppers or communicating with other store associates, our mobile computers dramatically improve your store productivity.

Give customers quick access to information on pricing, loyalty balance and in-store product locations to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs

Our personal shopping solutions allow customers to scan their own items as they shop, resulting in efficient bag packing and faster check out.