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They just keep on rolling: Wanzl trolleys are designed for the long haul. Always unique in terms of quality, technology, functionality, ergonomics and design – Wanzl trolleys operate continuously without fault to offer customers the highest quality service. This is ensured by the maintenance-free, genuine Wanzl castors. Whether the product is for shopping, transporting, order picking, collecting and sorting or providing a service: Wanzl is always committed to customer service. And that's a promise!

Beautifully designed and a unique quality, Wanzl trolleys keep on rolling within thousands of supermarkets around the world. Discover our range of shopping trolleys and baskets to create a unique customer experience within your stores.

There’s a lot of back and forth movement in large kitchens, hotels, hospitals, catering services. And our transport trolleys are great at doing exactly that. Regardless if what function is required, we have the right answer with our extremely diverse product line.

Guidance Systems from Wanzl help to steer customers and visitors in the right direction and offer reliable security where needed.