The compelling purpose of our very own existence kept us moving with forward-looking leadership team who never settles on anything less than GREAT.

Zulqiurnain Ali Khan


Zulqiurnain Ali Khan, a dedicated entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, is the visionary founder of Zultec Group. With its affiliate business enterprises spanning across Pakistan, the Middle East, Canada, the UK, and the US, Khan's influence goes far beyond economic transformation; he's also a trailblazer, setting trends and driving innovation in various industries.

As the chairman of multiple group operating companies, Khan's interests encompass Information Technology, Flexible Packaging, Retail Technologies, Materials Handling Systems, Industrial Process Lines, and Food Processing. Under his leadership, these enterprises boast 10 production plants, 23 global sales and support centers, and a presence in over 100 markets.

Colleagues often describe Khan as an eccentric business leader known for his game-changing innovations that redefine entire industries. His unique approach involves revolutionizing manufacturing processes within the realm of packaging materials, seamlessly integrating them throughout the supply chain, from manufacturing floors to end consumers.

Discover how Zulqiurnain Ali Khan's visionary leadership is reshaping industries and driving global innovation with his transformative business strategies.

Haider Ali Khan

Chief Executive Officer

Haider is Zultec’s Chief Executive Officer and a face behind all the transformation, the group has recently passed through. Truly a change leader, Haider focused on new business initiatives that not only provided excellent synergy with current portfolio but significantly contributed in the bottom line and growth plans. He also oversees the PET/PP thermoforming business, Zultec’s new business aimed to transform the fresh produce packaging markets.

Haider majored in Accounting from York University, and Business Administration (MBA) with specialization in Strategic Management from University of Toronto. Started his career from Johnson & Johnson, Haider finally decided to join his family business. His experience spreads across business development, sales and strategic management of global operations.

Umair Ali Khan

Director Business Development

Umair Ali Khan is the Director of Strategy and business development. He has been involved in dozens of partnerships and other non-organic activities which led to a significant expansion of Zultec’s portfolio and business. He also oversees the Labels converting business where he pioneered holographic security adhesive labels which put Zultec in a premium league of solution partners for many of the CPG companies.

Umair believes in leveraging technology for value creation and has an impressive track record in effectively managing market transitions by reshaping our portfolio offerings. His experience spreads across business development, product marketing and operations.