Fleet Management

Ideal for companies involved in logistics, transportation, distribution & utility services sector, Zultec Fleet Management solutions provide a new perspective of your fleet operations because we understand which areas of your fleet needs to be monitored.
Automating fleet with GPS vehicle tracking system is the best way to manage your vehicles/drivers. It puts you in control and helps you cut losses.

  • Use raw location data to automate your fleet
  • Transform GPS tracking into valuable insights
  • Be in charge of your fleet to grow your business

Our fleet management system features:

Every Vehicle Trip Is Tracked & Reported in Rich Detail

Our fleet management basics start by getting the raw data. We ensure this data is correct and more importantly real time in order to build true analytics that help you manage your fleet efficiently. Our live GPS tracking help you:

  • Real-time location alerts in seconds interval
  • Live tracking on your mobile
  • Vehicle Ignition, Door & Aircon status
  • Share live GPS vehicle tracking session with your customers

Alerts – Leaving No Blind Spots for Oversight

Insights of key parameters truly help you to optimize your efficiency. For this reason, our fleet management system covers over 22 different parameters that you won’t afford to miss. Get real time push mail notifications on your Android or IOS mobile application, desktop computer or an email notification in case of any anomaly.

  • Alert by Email & Mobile
  • Easily configurable alerts for over 22 different parameters
  • Apply alerts separately for each group
  • Activate alerts on specific days, timings or always

Data that Matters – Useful, Shareable & Printable

No more juggling up with dense data that makes no sense. Our reports make fleet management simple and elegant with the help of data that helps you make the right and timely decisions. Spatial representation of incidents, alerts, accidents and visually representing vehicle data through intuitive graphs and charts make the whole thing easier and interesting to work.

  • 25 different reports categorized among Trips, Stoppages, Driving violation and other categories
  • View reports in textual or spatial formats with the map info
  • Export reports in PDF or Excel Formats
  • View reports in interactive charts for important parameters with your customers

Optimize Vehicle Performance with On-time Preventive Maintenance & Service Scheduling

Easier and more efficient than spreadsheets and paper records, using our maintenance and service module helps you in preventive maintenance (PM) and scheduling of PM schedules. The system allows entry of the expenses incurred on service type and attaches invoices to keep track of vehicle maintenance costs.

  • Set service reminders, renewal reminders, service entries, fuel entries and expenses incurred on your fleet
  • Add & manage custom fields for service & expense type
  • Visual and intuitive reports on fleet costs associated to services
  • Time stipulated auto reminders on Renewal and service upon specified odometer (mileage)

Easy To Use Dashboard with Single View of Your Entire Fleet

The dashboard provides easy one-click access to all your fleet vehicles and their status. Know which vehicles are moving, stopped or idling without multiple searches. Simply choose the vehicle and see the glimpse of its movement on map, the key indicators, its utilization and expenses (fuel, maintenance, driver’s salary) made on that selected car in a month

  • Informative dashboard with single view of your entire fleet
  • Map view, vehicle indicators, usage and expenditure of selected vehicles in single view
  • Knowing how many vehicles are on move, stopped or idling

Dispatch Management, True GPS Mobility Revolution

Our driver dispatch application helps you start each day knowing what needs to be done during the day by creating tasks and assigning them to the drivers. Fleet administrators can easily create tasks and monitor the progress at every step. Without this, getting deliveries in on schedule is out of your hands so leverage the power of dispatch management and optimize your corporate efficiency.

  • Easy task management with driver assignment and time stipulated action
  • Android and IOS driver dispatch application to accept task and getting route information
  • Two way communication through driver dispatch application
  • Real time activity updates linked with the task to monitor progress at each step

Fleet Utilization – Targeted Business Intelligence To Increase Fleet Revenues

It’s no easy task to get a clear picture of how well your organization’s vehicles are utilized. You talk to your fleet manager and spend hours manipulating spreadsheets – and still not have all the information you need. Our fleet utilization delivers all valuable insights into your fleet at a glance allowing you to balance workload and monitor utilization against your company’s targets.

  • Monitor fleet and vehicle utilization
  • Drill down to vehicles which fall below the optimum utilization
  • View distance traveled and utilization trends for insights into fleet performance over time
  • Know all key indicators to assess the reasons and turn around your losses